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Rick's work as a spiritual medium is to provide an opportunity, however controversial it may be, a connection, a channel to the realm of the Spirit World. Our understanding of life after death is tainted for numerous reasons and ultimately question even fear death. His work as a medium is to ultimately provide communication between worlds for the highest purpose of soul healing mind, body, spirit or all. How does Rick know this? This is what he does. 

To help people know that death is not to feared. Only a the next phase of existence beyond the death of our physical bodies our transportation for our Life Force that energy essence know as, the Soul. Just know friends that you are loved and your never never alone. Love yourself, and treat others the way you would want to be treated. The Golden Rule. Death should not be feared so much, consuming our ever short stay here worrying, wondering if I will make it to heaven? They can be consumed by it. It saddens me. Again, thank you for your support friends! Check out the web store and give us your feedback!

Currently, Rick is working on several exciting projects, the launching of his webstore, book, CD/DVD series and mobile apps. 


Readings with Rick

  • Currently Taking Reading Appointments for July. 
  • August through October will be opening soon!

Rick has provided help to thousands of people over the years, many clients have described their personal experiences as amazing, profound and even life-changing. Part of Rick's work is readings. He offers private readings, in-person or phone. Readings are by appointments only.

Please know that the average wait time for available openings
is 4-6 months. It’s very difficult to almost impossible when scheduling so far out in advance. As always, we truly appreciate your patience, support and interest in his work.

Soon Rick will be offering energy healing sessions, including chakra balancing, aura cleansing in combination with channeling life
force healing from Spirit.


Spirit Circle Venue -Public Demonstration of Mediumship with Rick!

Sunday, May 17th at 7pm - Granger, Indiana
Rick's public Spirit Circles are for demonstrating spirit communication, as a medium or channel in-between worlds. It is at these special events where Rick will deliver random messages "mini-readings" to those audience members from those residing on the other- side. An incredible opportunity to experience the phenomenon known mediumship.
Tickets are available now, reserve your seats early!

Spiritual Development Courses by Rick

the BEGINNING - It's Really Okay...
Most likely, you have had a psychic moment. You anticipate when the phone's going to ring-and you even know who it is! You just know things for no reason! You feel things! The foundation of improving your psychic power is trusting yourself. It is really designed as the first step on ones journey of spiritual development and understanding ones own intuitive skills and insights. But first the building of a solid foundation to grow from is needed. Continued....

What Clients Are Saying...

Far different than what I expected, but far MORE than I anticipated! 
Didn't know what to expect when we arrived, but a comfortable sitting room with low lighting and candles was a perfect mood setting atmosphere. Rick explained how it worked, made us feel comfortable at ease and started off with a wonderful, short non denominational prayer, which I loved, and we were underway. He started nodding, scribbling, talking, looking around, nodding and writing some more. The first words out of him mouth were directed at me and he said mother/granddaughter. He had NO way of knowing my grandmother raised me as from a baby to adulthood and adopted me as her child when I was 12. From there on he proceeded to shock us a little more each time he (or they) spoke. It was hard for me to not be able to hear her or feel her around me, but I honestly believe that she was speaking to him.
The details
no one but she would know... continued!

I am finally able to visualize my life's purpose!
Hi Rick, This all would never have been possible without meeting you and your guidance. I would love to meet again at some point, but I know you are very busy. I truthfully believe that you unlocked this part of my spirit that was blocked by negative energy or confusion and I cannot thank you enough for the solace you provided as I feel I am finally able to visualize my life's purpose and my soul's higher calling. Looking back now, the slightest revelations you gave me have helped more than years of therapy ever could. I truly cannot thank you enough!



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