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Rick's work as a spirit medium is to provide the opportunity, however controversial this may be, a channel for Spirit. As a communicator for Spirit "medium" is to ultimately provide open communication between worlds for the purpose of healing. By the communicating of messages from those who have transitioned before us provides hope, comfort, peace, answers even perhaps some form of closure. How does he know this? Because this is what he does. Read more...


Private Readings with Rick-

Rick has provided help to thousands of people over the years and many clients have described their personal experience amazing, profound and even life-changing. Located in South Bend, Indiana, Rick provides in-person readings and telephone readings for clients all over the United States. Telephone readings are just as valid and accurate as in-person readings.

Our understanding of life after death is tainted for numerous reasons and ultimately many people fear death. By communicating messages of hope and even perhaps closure from those living in the realm of Spirit. If you’re interested in having a private reading session please know that Rick is scheduled 6 months out or more in advance. It’s difficult almost impossible to schedule so far out. Again, as always we thank you for your support and patience in advance.


Client Testimonials & Reviews-

I was overwhelmed with your accuracy-

Good morning Rick! Thank you for the sketches. Once again I was overwhelmed with your accuracy. Emotions and tears poured out as you made a connection with two of my loved ones. I will be always grateful for you and your precious gift. I have been to many psychics and some mediums, including the big names like James VanPraaugh and John Holland, and none have had your sincere, non-judgmental loving connection, Continue to to do the work you do and spread the light!


No one would have known that!
I was hoping to hear from my sister and you were able to make that happen for me. I miss her so much everyday and a lot of the things that I was able to hear from her gave me comfort. When you mentioned the sparkling grape juice drink and her asking about a replacement in my wedding, that gave me an amazing feeling because no one else would have known that. It makes me feel better knowing how much she loved me and looked up to me. I'm happy that I was able to make her life happier when she was here. Thank you so much and I hope to meet you in person next time I schedule another reading.


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Rick's Home Blessing Kits

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Rick was apart of the episode, "The Ghost on Murder Hill" about the infamous female

serial killer, Belle Gunness.