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Rick's "work" as a professional spiritual medium is ultimately provide an opportunity,  a connection or channel to the plane of  Spirit. Our understanding of life after death is tainted for numerous reasons and ultimately question even fear death. His work as a medium is to ultimately provide communication between worlds for the highest purpose of soul healing mind, body, spirit or all. How does Rick know this? This is what he does. 

To help people know that death is not to feared. Only a the next phase of existence beyond the death of our physical bodies our transportation for our Life Force that energy essence know as, the Soul. Just know friends that you are loved and your never never alone. Love yourself, and treat others the way you would want to be treated, the Golden Rule. Death should not be feared, so much worry it can consume our short stay here. There is an Afterlife, we are immortal!

Currently, Rick is working on several exciting projects such as, his first book, CD series,
mobile apps and more!


Private Reading Sessions with Rick!

Rick has provided countless amount of people over the years as a professional medium. Many clients have described their personal experience with Rick as amazing, profound, even life-changing. Private reading sessions with Rick are in-person, phone and soon video.

  • Sessions are by appointment only.

Please note the average wait time for available openings can be 3-6 months.
Thank you for your patience in advance and your support in the work.


Public Venues -Spirit Circles -Demonstrations of Mediumship!

Rick's public Spirit Circles are for demonstrating spirit communication, as a medium or channel in-between worlds. It is at these special events where Rick will deliver random messages "mini-readings" to those audience members from those residing on the other- side. An incredible opportunity to experience the phenomenon known as mediumship.
October Spirit Circle Event!
Friday, October 23rd 7pm-9pm EST
South Bend, Indiana
Eventbrite - Spirit Circle with Medium Rick Bunch

What Clients Are Saying...

I was so overwhelmed by your reading it took...
Dear Rick, You will forever hold a special place in my heart after meeting you the other day. Because of your gift I feel that I have received the validation I needed to pursue things and try to get justice for my sister and her death. I also wanted to let you know that there were a few things at the beginning of my reading that we were all unable to connect and I knew once I was able to ask family about it that it would connect, and it did. The older gentleman that came forward with a military type appearance was my grandfather who passed away on Mother's Day over 30 years ago. And the "M" name that we couldn't find a connection to I believe was the elderly woman who came forward and was connecting with me, about raising me etc. I believe that was my Aunt Hazel, whom my youngest daughter is names after, they both have the middle name "May" :) I was so overwhelmed by your reading it took almost two days to process the information, but I again can't thank you enough and please know you are a forever blessing my life.
Mediumship Reading-
I would like to take the time and thank Rick for my reading today. The things that where revealed today about my sons passing through the reading where surprising and very beneficial to me for healing to start in my journey of grief and recovery. I have seen Rick 3 times now and every time Rick has revealed things to me that he would never have known. He also is so caring of a person. He has gone above and beyond with concern for my spiritual health and for me as a person. He truly has the gift of talking to the dead I believe in him fully and am so glad he shares his gift with others. He truly is a blessing to everyone. Thank you again Rick for all you do!!!!!!
Bio Channel Special;
"Ghost on Murder Hill" with Rick