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Thank you for stopping by! Whether you’re visiting for this time or returning we're glad your here! Rick's work as a spirit medium is a continuous cycle of change, always growing and always changing. Ultimately, to provide the opportunity to connect and communicate a message with someone who's transitioned onward to the afterlife, the life after this one.

Rick believes that our understanding of life and death has us confused, heavily tainted for numerous reasons and sadly people fear death. Yet, through the communications and conversations with Spirit.

A communicator or channel, a voice for those residing in the Spirit plane. Rick's work as a spiritual medium is to ultimately provide open communication for the highest good of all. Rick believes he has been given this ability for a reason. and he uses it in a positive healthy manner to help people troubled with their loss. Spiritual channeling is his life's work, a part of the reason he's here, provide help in an unconditional way. He works hard to break the stereotypical labels attached to spirit communication, mediumship and channeling alike.
Spirit Circles with Rick  -LIVE Public Demonstrations of Mediumship
Tippecanoe Mansion Spirit Circle Friday, October 28th at 7pm

Rick's Spirit Circle events are live public demonstrations of spirit communication, a channel in-between worlds. It's these special events where
Rick delivers messages or "mini-readings" to random audience members from those residing on the Other-side. An incredible opportunity to experience the phenomenon known as mediumship.
Video on Spirit Circles 

Personal Readings with Rick

Personal readings are a wonderful opportunity to have communications with someones loved one who has transitioned on to the life after this one. That persons energy I.D. "life force" continues on living out their cosmic journey, as we pass through these various levels and cycles. Rick offers personal reading sessions, via in-person (South Bend, In.) phone and soon Skype.

All readings are by appointment only using our online appointment scheduler.


Client Testimonials

I have had readings before, but this was different.
I had a very amazing experience with Rick. I lost my son and Rick was able to bring clarity and peace into my life. I have had readings before, but this was different. I felt an eminence peace when I left. If you or anyone needs to connect with a loved one who has passed please see Rick. It will give your soul the comfort you need to go on with life.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

The Peace I've Been Seeking...
My mom passed away just a few months ago, and even though I regularly received signs from her to let me know she was around me, I didn't feel truly comforted until I had my reading with Rick. To be able to hear all of the specific messages I needed to hear from her gave me the peace I've been seeking. There were multiple WOW! moments during my reading! Rick is an immensely talented psychic medium, and we are all so lucky to have someone of his high caliber in this area. The extremely specific information he was able to give me puts him up there with the famous psychic mediums many of us watch on TV. I will definitely be returning for regular readings. He made me feel comfortable from the first moment we met, and talking to him was like talking to an old friend. I really look forward to meeting with him again. I will be recommending him to absolutely everyone I know!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Rick's work as a professional spirit medium have been featured on some of the following media outlets-
I have begun the process of creating a series of  Spiritual Development audio and visual media aids This is an educational series that will be available soon! Example topics, Meditation, Connecting with your Spirit Guide, healing and more!

Training classes/workshops on psychic development and mediumship/spirit communication! Registration soon, fall-winter.
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