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Psychic and Spiritual Medium, Rick Bunch was born with an inner sense of 'knowing' and has been drawn to the supernatural for as long as he can remember. Whether his abilities are due to a NDE (Near-Death Experience) or that his grandmother was also a medium, he's not sure.

Rick's mediumship abilities include recognition by several television programs, radio shows, magazine articles including, an appearance on the Bio Channel. A Bio Special, The Ghost Speaks, "The Ghost on Murder Hill." Currently, he is writing his first book and working on several new projects...

From the moment your life changed after the death of someone you loved with all your heart, you've had to make a painful and confusing transformation. Additionally grief affects people differently on many levels, mind, body, heart and spirit! My work as a professional spirit communicator is to provide unconditional help for those left behind. Rather through readings, public venues, classes/lectures the truth is out there!
"Often, the loss of a loved one prompts into question ones beliefs regarding death and the life after here. When communicating with the realm of Spirit, I approach communication with the utmost and highest respect. Try to remember friends, that death should not be feared, it is but a part of the greater continuation of ones existence, life! Were all energy beings and when our "soul suit" dies we don't, were eternal!"
-rick bunch

Rick's Readings

Reading appointments are available for psychic, spirit communication or mediumship and more.

Available in-person, by phone and soon video via Skype. By appointment only, thank you!

Please note:  The average wait time to see Rick is typically four to six months.


Client Reviews

It was so intense it took me a few hours to "come down"-
For a Christmas gift, my daughter Mary purchased a 90 minute shared reading for March 15, 2014 for both of us. I have to tell you we had everyone we wanted come through; that had to be hard for Rick because they were all males and some of them with very similar situations. Rick was able to bring us comfort and peace, it was so intense I did have a headache after the reading and it took me a few hours to "come down" and process all the information. I listened to the recording today and it brought more together for me but I am still processing. I already gave a message to one person and I am going to listen to the recording again to the other message for my girlfriend before I present it to her...it is from her son. Rick made me feel at home, comfortable, and at peace. I personally felt something spiritual going on inside my heart and soul. I believe I can and will be a better person because of what Rick presented. Thank you and I thank Father and Mother God for giving that gift to Rick. Rick you really touched my heart! I will be looking forward to any public events or teaching sessions that you might offer. Thank you again!

I was overwhelmed with your accuracy-

Good morning Rick! Thank you for the sketches. Once again I was overwhelmed with your accuracy. Emotions and tears poured out as you made a connection with two of my loved ones. I will be always grateful for you and your precious gift. I have been to many psychics and some mediums, including the big names like James VanPraaugh and John Holland, and none have had your sincere, non-judgmental loving connection, Continue to to do the work you do and spread the light!

What a gift Rick has!!
I just had a reading with Rick. He was so accurate and knew things about my nephew that no one else could have known. I thank you for sharing your gift and I look forward to another reading. My heart is warm knowing that my beloved nephew is in such a wonderful place.

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Medium Rick Bunch -"Bridging the Gap"

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Bio Channel Special
Ghost Speaks, "Ghost on Murder Hill"
Medium Rick Bunch
Amazing moment!

This reading was an amazing moment in my life. In fact in the most positive way my life will never quite be the same. Thank u Rick!!

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