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  Rick Bunch


About Rick, just a little...

Greetings! I'm Rick Bunch and I work and live a paranormal life as a full time channel medium in South Bend, Indiana. My whole life I knew I was different from other kids with this strong pull towards anything supernatural. The drawing to the paranormal as long as I can remember. I truly feel that I was destined somehow someway to use whatever abilities I may poses should be used for the highest good of All. Whether my "gifts" are related to my NDE (near-death experience) at the young age of five by drowning, being visited by beings of light in my crib, the fact that my grandmother was a gifted  medium and prophet, I don't know.

I like to use the comparison of communicating with spirit (the language of spirit) to a "translator"prophet  for a foreign language or learning morris code. Those residing in a different realm of existence (heaven, paradise the afterlife) are still using a form of spirit language to communicate with us here, the Language of Spirit!

But, I do know that my path here is to help serve in whatever capacity our Creator has chosen for me. Outside the box of normal acceptance which is changing. But, I know there are many others called to service, teachers, healers, light workers, mediums and more! People are seeking out truth, spiritual  assistance and guidance (not religion).

As a professional medium, I take my work seriously and in faith clients receive help no matter what that form takes, even healing. To understand that life continues after death. Most importantly, what we term as death should not be feared! It is a natural part of the continuous cycle of life. We are eternal, immortal beings and life never truly ends!

When I finally accepted my abilities, I knew that however unconventional and highly controversial it was going to be, that my work as a medium is founded upon Spiritual Truth. That by the delivery of messages as a communicator for the Spirit World was totally for the purpose of Healing. That Healing from enlightenment and ultimately freedom from the chains of fear! Over the course of a life time, developing my abilities and thousands of readings later,
I still ask Spirit, the Creator, the I Am, how could I be more of service, spiritually effective as a medium? One never stops learning for this work is not an exact science. But my experience has led me to become into my own, my work is my life. This is who I am, this is what I do. Death is the end of our physical body only. Our newly educated and hopefully evolved Soul continues to exist, life after life, I promise!