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Private Groups with Rick

Ever thought about having your own private small group reading? 

Mediumship groups are a special time for family members who desire to make a connection with loved ones who've made their transition onward to the next world, the afterlife.

These smaller intimate groups are designed to be an opportunity to experience the process of spirit communication through mediumship. In addition, Rick shares how the process of mediumship works in the case of spirits presence and or individuals experiencing contact.  

His respectful personal style approach when communicating is truly a enlightening, eye opening experience!
As always, Rick attempts to read as many people as time permits, unfortunately, not everyone attending may receive a reading. But, almost every attendee finds the experience to be interesting, informative, uplifting, and fulfilling nonetheless. 
  • Have boxes of tissues handy.
  • Make sure your guests are ready to begin at the scheduled time.
  • Cell phones are off/vibrate. (including land line phones).
  • No video/recording devices or photography of any kind is allowed without prior permission.
  • Afterwards a time for group selfies & q&a session with Rick.
  • Digitally recorded for your convenience. (A copy of the recording is included).

Attendance does not guarantee a message. Every effort is made to divide the time as equally as possible among-est the group, and or depending on the number of family members versus family and friends. And some have more to say than others.