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Welcome friends! 

Hello my name is
Rick Bunch, and I'm a spiritual medium and adviser for over 12 years, located in South Bend, Indiana (Michiana). My work is extremely important to me on so many levels and I continuously work hard on building a reputation as a respected spirit communicator and medium. A large portion of my work is to be a voice for those residing in another plane commonly referred to as Heaven.

Similar to a translator, As a spirit communicator, I translate the "Language of Spirit" interpreting the Universal Divine Light from those beyond this physical world for those residing in this physical world.  

I believe that through this work I am able to help break down the stereotypical labels attached to mediumship, and the topic of the paranormal in general is important. Not just me but with so many others as well.  

By providing an opportunity for those desiring to  communicate with a loved one who has transitioned on to the next life beyond here, the Otherside. Whether my clients are seeking answers, guidance, healing, or perhaps closure. Please know that whatever the reason may be my goal is always to provide you help.   

I strongly believe our current understanding (or lack of) life and death has caused deep pain, confusion and has been heavily tainted for numerous reasons. Sadly, many people fear dying and death, and question what will happen when they die? I will note that over the years I find this same "fear" with religious and nonreligious people. 
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Reading Sessions with Rick

  • Currently taking appointments for November 2018 

Rick is the REAL DEAL!

From the moment we arrived and met Rick a tranquil walk through his garden. and you enter into the room he has set up for his readings. you feel at peace and Rick makes you feel as your old friends, no tension or nerves just calm talk as he wants you to feel at ease and answers any questions you may have. At no time are you rushed. Rick is more concerned with you then the time. Everything he relayed to us was totally accurate. Even things I didn't know at that time came to be the very next day. I could go on and on how genuine Rick is. It was beyond my expectations! 

                                                                   -Mediumship Client 2018


Special Venues 


Public Events 

  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Spirit Circle events October 12th and 27th! -Details and tickets coming soon! 

Rick I'm beyond the wow factor you helped me so much! I will be back and I Will be telling people about you for sure! On a side note....the watch my brother brought of my dad's that you held, that hadn't worked for many, many years, but worked the day of the reading.... it stopped again when he put it away after the reading!!!

                                                                              -Mediumship Client  2018



As a spiritual medium in South Bend, Indiana Rick has been recognized by some of the following media outlets, television programs, magazine articles, books, radio programs, including the Bio Channel Special, "The Ghost Speaks", Ghost on Murder Hill, about the infamous serial killer, Belle Gunness.