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Thank you for all the years of support and interest in my work friends! Without you, I would not be able to do what I do.


Rick Bunch
Founder Spiritual Connections, LLC


Greetings! I'm Rick Bunch and I work and live a paranormal life as a full time channel medium in South Bend, Indiana. My whole life I knew I was different from other kids with this strong pull towards anything supernatural. The drawing to the paranormal as long as I can remember. I truly feel that I was destined somehow someway to use whatever abilities I may poses should be used for the highest good of All. Whether my "gifts" are related to my NDE (near-death experience) at the young age of five by drowning, being visited by beings of light in my crib, the fact that my grandmother was a gifted  medium and prophet, I don't know.

I like to use the comparison of communicating with spirit (the language of spirit) to a "translator" for a foreign language, Morris code. Those residing in a different realm of existence (heaven, paradise the afterlife) are still using a form of spirit language to communicate with us here, the Language of Spirit!

But, I do know that my path here is to serve in whatever capacity that our Creator has chosen for me. Outside the box of normal acceptance, which is changing. But, I know there are many others called to service, teachers, healers, light workers, mediums and much more! 

People are seeking out truth, spiritual  assistance and guidance (not religion). 

Looking back over my life I can only now "see" my true purpose "my work here." I was born with this strong inner sense of 'knowing." I have never felt like I really belonged here or anywhere. One foot here and the other well in-between worlds. I know why I'm here now, a channel or translator for the language of Spirit and that death is not the end nor should be feared! 

I certainly never thought I would be a spirit communicator for a career! I came from the corporate world. I owned two companies related to the IT world. Was successful, not happy, something was missing. I have been a reborn christian who was active in church etc. There is so much more, you will have to wait for the book, lol. Moving on.

Friends death is not the end! Nor should we be afraid of it. I do not fear death specifically what those in spirit have told me and I had to let go of everything I have been taught told this and that how to think what to believe on and on. I was not FREE until this occured. I am a Lightworker and I am not going to belong to any religious cults with their dogmas, of hate, control, money, not to mention rich. Although they no taxes they have way, way to much influence on our government and laws. This is not new, whats new is we are at a time of unprecedented upheaval and the old ways do not work. We have a responsibility as Spiritually FREE, evolved Beings of Light and Truth. We need to raise the vibrational energy within us first to be effective in this world today. Are you ready? If not, why? 

We are immortal
Beings living out our own unique journey here and now in this current life. And we all are on this wild ride of  the transformation and recycling of our true essence, our life force our understanding of who we are as the Being. Our Being travels many cycles of great time using many many different vessels ultimately, to return back home to the Creators. Spiritually Mature and welcomed for we're never truly alone, we're loved unconditionally! 

I have been working as a professional spirit communicator or commonly known as a spiritual medium, and chanell over 13 years in South Bend, Indiana (Michiana community). I take my work very seriously and faith that my clients received help, no matter what that form it may take. 

When I finally accepted my abilities, I knew that however unconventional and highly controversial it was going to be, that my work as a Spiritual Medium and Adviser is founded and based upon Higher Spiritual Truth. That by the delivery of messages, as a communicator for the Spirit World, was totally for the sole purpose of Love.

That healing love from enlightenment and ultimately freedom from the chains of bondage used for control and for FEAR!  

Over the course of a lifetime, my experiences and thousands of readings later I've developed my abilities for the sake of uplifting mankind. 
"I still ask Spirit, the Creator, the I Am, how could I be more of service, spiritually effective as a medium? One never stops learning for this work is not an exact science. But my experience has led me to become into my own, my work is my life. This is who I am, this is what I do. Death is the end of our physical body only. Our newly educated and hopefully evolved Soul continues to exist, life after life, I promise!"       -rick bunch

I am excited to announce the working on first book is well underway!

Psychic Medium
Public Speaker
Spiritual Teacher
Reiki Master


The unseen realm of the "paranormal" is as much a part of our physical realm, we interact with and within it every day. The "paranormal" has been viewed through dark lenses or a "taboo shadow."

I strongly believe that our understanding of life, death and beyond has caused much confusion and pain amongst people, families, nations, and worst of all, death. A belief in an afterlife is nothing new nor is the killing in the name of XYZ new. Sadly, beliefs have been heavily tainted for numerous reasons, a difference in faiths, dominance, influence, power, and control. Many people fear dying and death and question their mortality. What will happen to me when I die? 

"Often, the loss of a loved one prompts into question one's beliefs regarding death and the life after here. When communicating with the realm of Spirit, I approach communication with the utmost and highest respect. Try to remember friends, that death should not be feared, it is but a part of the greater continuation of one's existence. Were energy, beings of energy and we are all eternal!"