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So many clients have written me over the years. Sharing their individual personal experiences and how their lives have been affected from a reading with, me.

I must tell you, your positive, encouraging feedback filled with very personal stories are beyond expression for me. Anyone who knows me or has been read more than once be me, knows I don't recall readings. So, when I receive a card in the mail thanking me, some containing photos of their loved ones and family. For someone to take the time and do that, wow! Not to mention, the voice mail and Facebook messages!

Wishing you peace, comfort and enlightement friends!

Rick Bunch
Thank you again everyone!

Following are a few client testimonies from over the years, I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Quotes Thanks for meeting with me last Sunday. you know I had to laugh because my brother annoyed me. I want him to be a help to me and he's the same over there as he was here. goofy and happy go lucky. I remember he used to annoy me back then. I told my husband what his mother said about his health and he took it very seriously. If he will be able to change is the question. hope you are well. Quotes
Reading Testimony
My brother is the same over there as he was here!

Quotes I had my reading with you and I just can't stop thinking about the incredible sense of happiness and peace that you have brought me. You took so much extra time with me and shared so much about yourself. Your incredible gift and the kindness and compassion with which you use it allowed me not just to hear the truth, but to actually FEEL it for the first time in my life, and I am forever grateful. I have been walking around with such a sense of lightness and peace ever since. Thank you again for being the incredible person you are. I am very grateful to have met you. I have so much respect for you, and I think you are so kind and fascinating as a person. I have no doubt that anyone fortunate enough to have you for a friend is very lucky indeed. Quotes
Reading Testimony
I cannot stop thinking....

Quotes This was my first time at the Spirit Circle...I was truly amazed! Thank you Rick for sharing your special gift with us! -December 2010 Attendee Quotes
Circle Testimony
My first time at Spirit Circle

Quotes Spirit Circle was awesome for me! Grandmother and mother both coming through. You told me things no one else could have known. Thanks so much for sharing your special gift with all of us! -12/2010 Attendee Quotes
Circle Testimony
You told me things...

Quotes I had no idea you were here! After attending your spirit circle event I realized that we have our own John Edwards right here in South Bend, Indiana! Thank you for sharing your gift! Quotes
Our own John Edwards...

Quotes After my experience tonight....I truly believe in psychic mediums, thanks to Rick Bunch. Spirit Circle attendee Quotes
I truly believe...

Quotes Spirit Circle was sooo amazing last night! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us! love you!! Quotes
Your gift...

Quotes So - I've never been on a roller coaster, but I'm guessing I just discovered what riding one feels like. What a ride. Thanks, Rick. "A Gathering" was amazing! Quotes
Gathering was amazing...

Quotes You got me as a believer! Thanks again for letting me talk to my dad through you, hope you have much success with your gift you deserve it! Quotes
Got me as a believer...

Quotes Thank You Rick=) I really enjoyed Spirit Circle. Can't wait for the next one. I have people lined up to purchase tickets, so I will be sure to visit your site. Once again thank you, your gift was a gift received tonight! Quotes
Gift received tonight!