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Communicating messages from beyond


So many clients have written me over the years. Sharing their individual personal experiences and how their lives have been affected from a reading with, me.

I must tell you, your positive, encouraging feedback filled with very personal stories are beyond expression for me. Anyone who knows me or has been read more than once be me, knows I don't recall readings. So, when I receive a card in the mail thanking me, some containing photos of their loved ones and family. For someone to take the time and do that, wow! Not to mention, the voice mail and Facebook messages!

Wishing you peace, comfort and enlightement friends!

Rick Bunch
Thank you again everyone!

Following are a few client testimonies from over the years, I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Quotes Rick was amazing! His readings were very impressive and right on the money. I only wished my brother Chris would had joined us in spirit, but in Chris's defense it is Friday night and he had better things to do! Spirit Circle Testimony Quotes
Readings were very impressive...

Quotes I just wanted to thank you again for using your gifts to help me with my life and direction. It was a pleasure to meet you and don't worry I won't forget you nor the experience we both shared. I can't say enough thank yous! Quotes
My life direction...

Quotes I was afraid all the things taught to be evil and dangerous through my church. You now have made me trust in such things that we only spoke about in whispers at our house. You have freed me and I shall always be in your debit. Thank you!! Quotes
Client Testimony
You have freed me...

Quotes Well after doing some research you were right. My friends body was found in April which would have been spring just like you said. I just wanted to let you know once again, you were right on. Wow! Quotes
Client Testimony
You were right...

Quotes Thank you soooo much for all you have done for me, you have no idea how much it has helped me through this hard time in my life..I am at peace. Quotes
Client Testimony
I am at peace...

Quotes Thanks Rick, you made me feel so much better. Not only did I get to talk to my lost love, you made knowing about my parents help me know I have done good! I miss them all so much, and want to know more. This time of year, the 5 months that were so important to me, has been so hard Quotes
I feel so much better...

Quotes Amazing Rick, Your boost for positive thinking worked! I am not sick afterall...Thanks for helping me change my outlook for the day! Quotes
Not sick afterall...

Quotes You are AWESOME and we LOVED you...just wanted to let you know that. Quotes
Your awesome...
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