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ASAP Readings


ASAP Readings

For time sensitive urgent matters, when emergencies happen...  & you need a reading & cannot wait months to get in! 
We understand that emergencies come up and waiting months really isn't an option, time matters.  For those who find themselves in the midst of a "storm" and need a reading sooner rather than later, Rick offers ASAP Readings as an alternative solution. ASAPs are subject to availability of the request and are not in any way a guarantee. We do our best to accommodate all requests. ASAP scheduled reading sessions as a rule for accommodating are scheduled within 10 - 16 days from the date of the submitted request. Dates and times are offered to you depending on availability. Please know that you may be offered a substitute reading (phone) in place of an in-person in. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.
The form below is to request an ASAP reading only. ASAP appointments are not available through the on-line scheduling system.
All ASAP appointments are required to be prepaid in full. How? We email you an invoice from PayPal for prepayment. 
Once payment has been received an email confirming you're ASAP appointment is sent.

  • ASAP fee is an additional $50

 Request form for an ASAP Reading  

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