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Rick's Development Course -the Beginning 101

6 Week Course

Most likely, you have had a psychic moment. You anticipate when the phone's going to ring-and you even know who it is! You just know things for no reason! You feel things! The foundation of improving your psychic power is trusting yourself. It is really designed as the first step on ones journey of spiritual development and understanding ones own intuitive skills and insights. But first the building of a solid foundation to grow from is needed. 

Again, the focus within this course is to provide people the opportunity to understand how to build on ones abilities. To connect with the Spiritual side of your design. I am a self taught psychic medium. My goal in teaching is in sharing my own personal wisdom obtained through experiences and provide practical methods for students to build on. With spiritually directed instructions and exercises to practice with. Through my trials and errors hopefully provide some shortcuts with simplicity to easily understand or connect with. Students are amazed how "things" unfold for them when experiencing results first hand. By accessing ones natural abilities to make better choices and decisions in ones life and spread the Light to others. The signs are everywhere... 

Course Topics Include:

Energy -It's ALL about the Energy -Chakras -Auras -Communication -Healing
Meditation -The Key to Unlocking Spiritual Growth -A MUST
Protection -Are You?
Connecting with Your Spirit Guides
The Meta Senses -Not every psychic is a medium, but...
The Language of Spirit -Somebody's not listening...
Divination -Is to Divine!
Students will perform Readings
Plenty of class exercises to test oneself and most importantly learn from!

Includes a Certificate of Completion!

Class size is limited so Rick can interact with students on a more personal level and attention. These is a limit of 10 students only. 
Graduates are eligible for enrollment in my Mediumship Development Group.
Mediumship Courses include topics such as, physical vs mental mediumship, levels of trance, language of Spirit, the Spirit World, Making the connection, table tipping, healing and
so much more!