RickRick Bunch

Communicating messages from beyond


Rick's "tips for a good reading" experience!

First, keeping an open mind during the process, remove any preconceived thoughts or judgments. Just be open. It really is about being open and allowing the process of spirit communication "mediumship" to simply unfold.

I will explain the process of communicating with Spirit,
don't worry about feeling nervous or anxious, it's very common. I believe by providing the following "suggestive tips" will help clients familiarize themselves and ultimately prepare a foundation for a positive reading experience. 
My reading space is comfortable, relaxing, peaceful, inviting with the sense of Spirit.

Verification and acknowledgment of the information given from Spirit is important! So the medium can proceed with the message(s) that is to be given. Let the medium know when they are correct, be fair. Disagreeing or wanting things done your way makes it difficult for the medium to function effectively and may lead to failure. Be skeptical, but be open and fair as well.  

Sometimes the information brought through during the reading doesn't mean anything at the time or you simply don't remember at that moment. Often "things" make more sense at the end of the reading. I call this "spontaneous amnesia", it is not uncommon to draw a blank. Many clients have written me over the years telling me how "It" hit them later such as, on the drive home or listening to the recording.

In addition, the "full understanding of the message" can be profound and processing in its entirety. After having some time to digest your experience I recommend making a private journal your private session. Include personal side notes to reflect upon later possibly assist with the healing process. Reading sessions can be overwhelming, informative and much more! 

Keep an open mind and listen to the information (message) coming through, so you can have a positive reading experience. If your closed off, the reading session most likely will not be as rewarding as it may could have been.

The true success of a reading is not always measured by the recognition of the person in spirit but by the guidance provided. Although, those in spirit can provide messages that may or may not include advice or even an acknowledgment. 

This is where intent is required. What is the purpose of wanting to communicate with someone? The reasons I have found are countless! My role as a medium is to communicate messages as clearly and effectively as possible. And always surrounded in the Highest, Purest, Holy Light!