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Spirit Circles  -Live Public Demonstrations of Mediumship

Experience the Evidence of Life After Death with Medium Rick Bunch

Rick's Spirit Circle events are live public demonstrations of spirit communication, a channel in-between worlds. It's these special events where Rick delivers messages or "mini-readings" to random audience members. The messages are connected to attendees from their loved ones residing within the world of Spirit or commonly known as the Afterlife. These unique venues are an incredible opportunity for those wanting to experience and witness the phenomenon known as mediumship.   

He also explains how to understand the "Language of Spirit" when he receives, translates, and relays information from one plane, the spirit world to our plane here. Additionally, explaining the different forms of mediumship, the ways spirit may use to communicate with us including other signs spirits may use to get our attention and or deliver a message!

Rick attempts to read as many people as time permits, unfortunately, not everyone attending will receive a reading. But, almost everyone who attends finds the experience informative, uplifting, and fulfilling, nonetheless. Either through your own reading or from the readings of others.

If you're interested in witnessing and or experiencing the process known as spirit communication, in particular mediumship then these special events are for you! 

Ending with audience Q&A session.

Drawing for Free Reading with Rick valued at $200

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Circle Attendee Comments

Can't wait until the next event!
My daughter and I were there Friday at your Spirit Circle event at the Tippecanoe Mansion Ballroom. We talked after the event. When I got home and went to bed, that was the best sleep I've had in a long time! It sure was nice to see and talk to you again! I hope it won't be so long next time,enjoyed my time with you...bless you for what you do! Until we meet again!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Amazing event!

I sat next to my Best Friend you read her son like a book. The detail was spot on. I was surprised at the number of spirits that had a chance to come through to their loved ones. So much more than I ever imagined.  A blessing...

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

I was skeptical but not anymore! 

I recently attended one of your spirit circles. My girlfriend asked me to go with her and I was not expecting anything nor a believer in mediums. My brother who had passed 22 years ago in an accident came through. Rick provided his name, how he passed, answered questions that I had, there's NO WAY he could have known the things he mentioned! I was so blown away and I am not skeptical anymore! 

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC