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Many of Rick's clients are referrals. To show our appreciation, we're offering a way to give back to those clients who refer others to Rick. Clients receive a $10 credit and the referred client receives $10 off their appointment! You SAVE $10 & REFERRED SAVES $10! 

Example: You refer 2 people to Rick for a reading you receive $20 off towards your next reading. 
Note: The referral person must have a reading in order for you to receive credit.

How Does the Referral Program Work:
When you refer a client for a reading you receive $10 credit towards your next reading and the referred client receives $10 OFF! No Limit! Refer 3 people and receive $30 off and so on towards your next reading.

Simply enter the full name of the person referring you in the during the scheduling process. 

You will receive an update on your referral status every time the referred schedules.