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Author Josie Varga writes about Rick's NDE, "Encircled by Weeds."


Author and researcher Josie Varga, included my personal Near Death Experience (NDE) in her book, Visits to Heaven. My experience as a child is called, "Encircled by Weeds." Josie's work includes vast research and several books about the afterlife,  please visit her web site here! 


My near-death experience (NDE) occurred at the age of five, while on a family reunion at a camp ground in Nebraska. My father had taken me and my sister fishing. Where we stood at the end of a long pier and fished. I recall asking my father to cast my line out for me. I was unable to do so on my own. Every time I cast the line out I would keep reeling in weeds. This was entertaining for me and kept me occupied while he was busy teaching my sister to fish. She could cast the line out on her own being three years older than me. I remember seeing them together on the end of the pier huddled over trying to fish. 

Then it happened. I was not just in the water but under it. I was surrounded by many weeds and within these weeds were dead frogs and a turtle. He appeared to have been caught or tangled in the weeds. At the moment I realized I was sitting on the bottom of the lake. I observed bubbles going up and up as my eyes followed them going towards the surface far above me. The reflection of the surface sparkled as the sun shined down upon it. I recall feeling the dirt in my hand. As I lifted the dirt I was fascinated with the feeling of it. It was soft and silky and made swirling clouds as it resettled back down to the lake floor. It was beautiful. I never felt any danger nor was I gasping for air as the water filled my lungs. I was at peace. The last time I glanced upward towards the surface I noticed that the light was different. This time the reflection from the sun was more like dancing colored lights performing for me. The lights resembled the colors of a rainbow and were forming some sort of a pattern above me. I felt safe and I also felt that I was not alone. Next, the rainbow colored lights came together in a circle pattern and as they did the colors became white. This white light was brilliantly bright. It illuminated the darkness of the lake floor. The light began to surround me. I was in the light and part of it. Somehow I knew I was not alone, protected. I felt like I was no longer in or under water at all.  In fact, I was no longer wet but dry. Beautiful, calming voices within this light were talking to me. Then bam! The next thing I knew I was sitting on the shower floor of the cabins shower. The room was filled with steam from the hot water and people running and yelling. I began to cry and cough at the same time. Not to mention all the excitement was overwhelming then I felt the pain coming from within my cold body.

Many years later I recall my parents talking about the accident. My dad described that moment in detail. My dad and sister did not realize I had fallen into the water. Apparently, I fell in the lake in such a way that I made no splash. They never heard a thing. Once they realized I had fallen in my dad dove into the lake. But the lake water was very dark. He could not find me. After several attempts of searching he yelled at my sister to run to the cabin and go get help. He searched and searched coming up for air and back down again.  No sign of me. Then he noticed something at the bottom of the dark lake that looked brownish white, my t-shirt. He swam down and pulled me up by my t-shirt. He tossed me onto the deck. My lifeless, cold pale body and dark blue lips lay upon the wooden deck.  I was not breathing nor was there a pulse. This was before the day of CPR. He got up onto the deck threw me over his shoulder and ran up the hill and towards the cabin. As he was running water was pouring out of my mouth. He was met with frantic relatives as they put me in a hot shower and kept slapping my cold hard face. I guess everyone thought it was too late. Then at everyone’s amazement my eyes sprung open and I began crying. My family estimated the total time I was under water to I awoke in the shower to be approximately 13 minutes. How I managed to be without oxygen for so long and come back to life, I don’t know.  But I can say, this NDE had an impact on my life course. I’ve known that life has no end since a very young age.  To me, this experience was blessings.

About Rick Bunch
A gifted medium, Rick says he has been drawn to the supernatural, paranormal realm for as long as he can remember. Whether his gift was due to his near-death experience at the age of five or the fact that his grandmother was also a gifted clairvoyant, he does not know.  But he is a strong believer that we ALL have some form of psychic senses.  The only difference is that some learn to use these senses while others don’t.His work as a psychic medium is helping people understand that life does continue and that death is not to be feared. Offering private readings, public venues such as, Spirit Circles and Gatherings, private group readings, workshops and conferences.  His reputation as a gifted spiritual medium has become  well known within the local community of South Bend, Indiana home of Notre Dame (Michiana). Rick's mediumship abilities have been featured on several network television programs, the Bio Channel, newspapers, magazine articles and radio programs.