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Seances with Rick 

Seance means, "to sit" or "gather."

A Seance can be defined as a small gathering of people for the purpose of making contact with the spirit world, typically through a medium.

These "gatherings" have been taking place for centuries, and although the tools and methods used for conducting a
 Séance have changed over time. However, the main goal has remained for the most part fairly consistent. Making contact with the departed and validating the continuation of our immortal selves beyond here. As always, all Rick's work is surrounded in the Loving Pure Light! 

Participants should have an open mind, coming with a negative or skeptical attitude affects the flow of the circles energy.

Host your own private Seance! A private personal seance with family & friends! 


SEANCE Details
Duration: 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
Six to Eight participants only.



  • Where comfortable clothing
  • Recommend eating 2 hours before 
  • No perfume, or cologne
  • Minimal or No rings, watches
  • Water provided