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RickRick Bunch

Communicating messages from beyond


A Seance with Rick  "A modern take on an old sitting"

An old fashion Seance with a twist, a modern one! 
During the session "still keeping with the traditional elements" I would like to introduce technology into the Seance via paranormal detection equipment.used by investigators. To measure, detect subtle atmospheric fluctuations and any interruptions within the electromagnetic fields, and related frequencies associated with Spirit activity. Temperature changes, FLIR, EMF,.  

Again, these Seances are unique, to make contact with those in Spirit and having modern technology for documenting evidence of spirit contact, presence and any activity with Spirit. 

A media company will be filming using multiple cameras including motion sensored.

  • Cameras 
  • FLIR
  • EMFs
  • EVPs
  • Ghost Box
  • Temperature

Cost to attend is $69 per person. 
Saturday, October 27th 2018 3pm ET

A SEANCE                                                    
Saturday, October 27th 2018                   
3pm to 5pm ET
Open to 6 participants only.


Saturday, October 27th 2018 7pm ET

Saturday, October 27th 2018
7pm to 9pm ET
Open to 6 participants only.