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A Spirit Communication Workshop & Bonfire Circle with Rick!

Greetings! I am excited about this unique, special event! Spirit prompted me to have a small intimate gathering or "workshop" focused on the aligning of oneself to connect, receive and communicate with Spirit!

This spirit communication workshop is a special small intimate group of seekers at the privacy of my home in South Bend, Indiana. During this unique gathering, I will share my personal experiences, the successes, and failures, along with my journey of self-discovering who I am. And why I'm here, my purpose here and the challenges needing to overcome. By sharing information about what I  have experienced, and explaining in easy steps the process I personally use to connect, communicate and converse with Spirit. 

Spirit Communication Discuss our natural desire to commune, faith with the Divine! My work goal is to provide "seekers" who are called knowingly or not to be of service in this present moment to be apart of an uplifting of mankind! Tapping into the subconscious, raising of vibrational frequencies and "tuning" into their language, the Universal Divine Language of Light for the effective delivery of messages!

Topics include intention, protection, meditation (time to change the channel), an importance of vibrational frequencies required to connect, communicate and converse. 

Hands-on exercises using different tools that relate to elemental energy such as, dowsing, scrying (fire, smoke, water, crystals), cleansing, grounding, and more. 

In closing, we're having a bonfire, gathered around while I deliver messages to attendees from Spirit. 

Portions of the workshop are outdoors and indoors, depending on weather conditions. 

Bottled water, snacks & smores will be provided! 

Meet like minded people, make new friends and be prepared to have fun  while learning together and from each other! 

A welcoming casual atmosphere where there's no room for judgement, just acceptance.  

Wear comfortable clothing (weather appropriate), a blanket, chair or both, a camera, and be open to expansion of thy mind, body and Spirit! 

  • No recordings or videos are allowed, thank you.


Location: Rick's Home South Bend, Indiana 46615
Date: Saturday, September 22nd 2018
Time: 5pm to 10-10:30pm ET 

  • Limited to 9 participants only.

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