RickRick Bunch

Communicating messages from beyond


Trusting that soft subtle inner voice from within.

Spiritual Development is Key In Your Moment of "Awakening"

By attuning yourself to your natural born abilities with positive intent, the universal laws kick-in and opportunities "you need" are presented to the student by Spirit. Every spiritual journey is individualized and different, Illumination (Freedom) can be painful at times, but know it is part of ones goal achieving Enlightenment! Unconditional love is woven into self discovery! Begin to make better choices in YOUR Life!
Tap into the limitless universal energy that intelligence, that healing love that we ALL have free access to the Source, the I AM, the Gods...

In fact, being a psychic or intuitive can be an everyday way of being! Simply another part of what makes you, you! By finding the right path for you to be focusing on, the many aspects of your developing or even fine tuning controlling stage through classes, workshops, and lectures. Hands on exercises is very important. 

A desire to know more of the metaphysical world. Practical insight into the relationship we all play here on this earth plane. You just know there is something more. A knowing.

The knowledge provided to my students within my psychic development courses is straight forward, easy to grasp, and most of important apply to your life. Combined with lectures, course material, in-class development exercises, and homework assignments are all designed to aid your growth. 

By tapping into your intuition overtime it becomes a part of your Being! Through the understanding of how your abilities work for you, you can make better decisions in your life and even others. 

Intuitive abilities can become a skill to be developed like any other. How? Firstly recognize we all have abilities but never taught how to develop them. More importantly that it was wrong, a sin or the devils work! Wow!
The ancients had initiation schools of the arts, the metaphysical arts. For decisions, direction, healing to be used in everyday life! I feel, it is time to help those looking for help!  


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  • Psychic means, "Of the Soul" 

  • Paranormal means, "Beyond Normal" 


Realizing our "relationships" that we all have is so much more! Universal harmony with all that there is, thee energy fields around us, flowing through us commonly referred to as, life force energy. 

You know there's more to life than physical existence. My spiritual developments are designed to assist and provide people "seekers" the foundational knowledge needed to begin.