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Communicating messages from beyond

The Language of Spirit      -An Understanding of Spirit Communication

A gathering Venue       -includes the Language of Spirit

understanding how spirit communicates

Language of Spirit is not only about the delivering of messages but Rick will also explain how he receives and translates the messages from the Spirit world to audience members. In this amazing lecture he will not only deliver messages from your loved ones in Spirit, but he’ll also explain the many different forms Spirit uses to communicate with us and other signs that Spirit uses to get your attention. Also, a discussion on the different types of mediumship.

Spirit Circle events are public demonstrations of spirit communication, a channel in-between worlds. It's these special events where Rick delivers messages or "mini-readings" to audience members from those residing in the Afterlife. This is an incredible opportunity to experience the phenomenon known as mediumship.

If your interested in witnessing and or experiencing the process of mediumship then these special events are for you! 

As always, Rick attempts to read as many people as time permits, unfortunately not everyone attending will receive a reading. But, almost every attendee finds the experience to be informative, uplifting, and fulfilling nonetheless. Either through your own reading or from readings of others. Purchase of a ticket doesn’t guarantee a reading.

The event closes with a Q&A session. 

Rick always gives away a reading at every event. $300 Value!


Event Details
Duration: 2 1/2 hours